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Regency Romance
An Enchanting Dare

'The Daring Daughters 10'

A Wary Young Woman…
Lady Aisling Baxter does not enjoy the company of the gossipy, judgemental ton, but she does need a husband. Another season has come and gone, and Aisling still hasn’t found a suitable match, though that is perhaps unsurprising when she spends her time hiding behind potted plants. The only fellow who has shown the least interest in her is the most vexing man that ever lived, and Aisling will be relieved to bury herself back in her beloved countryside and attempt to forget all about him.

An Irresistible Puzzle…
Mr Sylvester Cootes is a man with an obsession. It’s been over six months since he first set eyes on Lady Aisling, and he cannot get the perplexing young woman off his mind. Whenever he sees her, he cannot help but force her to notice him by being as aggravating as he knows how. Shy Aisling is beautiful and mysterious and draws him to her for reasons he does not understand. But Sylvester is certain the lovely young woman is not all that she appears. The lady has secrets, and he means to discover them. Sadly, the lady also has a firm opinion about Mr Cootes.

She hates him.

A Twist of Fate…
No matter how much Aisling wishes to keep away from Sylvester Cootes, the fates keep pushing them together again. So perhaps it is time to trust in destiny, and a man she doesn’t even like, because there’s magic in the air, and even Aisling can’t fight the enchanting spell Sylvester has cast over her.

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