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Regency Romance
Duke & Duplicity

'Rogues and Gentlemen 15'

The Duke of Ranleigh is lonely. He’s also bored out of his mind. Tired of the same people at the same parties and the same women all hoping to become his duchess, he knows something has to change. Though he’d die before he admitted it, Ranleigh has a romantic heart and is looking for the one … the woman who will make his jaded soul sing and fill the void in his life.

   ‘Archie’ Archibald has a secret, a secret Archie’s new friend the duke doesn’t know.

For Archie is no cheeky young buck as Ranleigh believes … but a girl. She swore she’d never deceive anyone about her identity again but finds herself thrust into Ranleigh’s world, and his confidence, before she has the chance to tell him the truth.

Far worse, and far more dangerous, Archie is falling for him.


Archie must make a choice, reveal all and risk ruin – staking her hopes on the possibility the duke could return her feelings – or keep her peace and disappear from his life.

Little does Archie realise … her secret might not be as safe as she supposed.

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