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Regency Romance
Sinfully Daring

'The Daring Daughters 12'

The Perfect Young Lady…
Lady Rosamund Adolphus, daughter of the Duke of Bedwin, will not have the slightest trouble in finding a husband. So says the ton. She has beauty, breeding, charm and a dowry weighty enough to sink an East Indiaman. Yet the only man she fancies is the elusive Lord Ashburton, longtime friend of her older brother Jules. Naturally, he is one of the few men who does not see her at all, regarding her only as Jules’ little sister.
A Married Man…
Frustrated by her inability to catch Ashburton’s attention, Rosamund consoles herself with the company of her new best friend, Viscount Hargreaves. Lord Hargreaves is sophisticated, funny and kind and tries his best to help Rosamund capture Ashburton’s eye, to no avail. As their schemes to find her a husband become increasingly silly, Rosamund realises she has forgotten the purpose of this endeavor, for she is enjoying Hargreaves' company far too much to care. Too bad he’s already married to a woman who flaunts her affairs and makes the poor man’s life a misery.
A Scandal That Rocks the Ton…
When the viscount confesses his feelings for Rosamund have gone far beyond friendship, they both know the only honourable thing he can do is leave. But Lady Hargreaves had already decided her husband is enjoying his new friendship a little too much. Her spiteful retaliation leaves Rosamund’s reputation in ruins and Lord Hargreaves issuing a deadly promise of retribution.
A Grave Situation…
When Lady Hargreaves is found dead just hours after a furious altercation with her intoxicated husband, there’s only one direction the fingers are pointing.

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