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A Wicked Son…

Tall, dark and handsome, ridiculously wealthy, and the heir to a title. With so many blessings in his life, for this Wicked Son there is very little point in being anything more than ornamental. Or at least… that is what everyone believes, but this man has a secret. For a man in his position, if anyone discovered he is the mysterious author of The Ghosts of Castle Madruzzo, it would make him a figure of ridicule.
His first novel was a tremendous success, and though his sales are excellent, he is aware he has never quite recaptured the dynamism of that first book. His readers don’t seem to care and clamour for more, yet a certain lady critic keeps plaguing him with bad reviews. Somehow, she has guessed he is a nobleman, and delights in finding fault with his less elevated characters.
A little time undercover should do the trick, to prove to himself, and the lady, that he is nothing if not committed to his art.
A lady to be reckoned with…
As the eldest–and only sensible sibling–in an overburdened family, Selina Davenport is holding onto sanity by a thread. The absolute last thing she needs is the presence in her life of an over privileged nob pretending to be something he’s not. Like she can’t tell at a glance that he is not the lowly gardener he is purporting to be. The nincompoop.
That’s not to say she isn’t prepared to have a little fun at his expense.

A game that gets out of hand…

But when an immovable object meets an irresistible challenge, sparks are bound to fly, but will they burn down everything around them?

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