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Regency Romance
The Mistletoe Dare

'The Daring Daughters 8'

An Outspoken Beauty…
When Lady Georgina Anderson goes to spend Christmas with her godparents, The Duke and Duchess of Bedwin, she is full of anticipation. Spending the festive season with the large, boisterous family in their splendid home, away from Scotland and her three annoying older brothers will be nothing short of bliss. Or, it would be, if not for the very large and irritating fly in the ointment.

A Humourless Nobleman…
Alden Seymour, the Duke of Rochford, is an unlikely friend to the Duke of Bedwin’s heir, Jules, the Marquess of Blackstone. Several years his senior and utterly different in disposition and character, Rochford is a solitary figure who prefers to keep the world at a distance. Yet this year, the idea of spending Christmas alone as usual is even less appealing than enduring the proximity of his friend’s aggravating family.

A Clash of Wills…
Thrown together during the season of goodwill, Rochford and Georgie despise each other on sight. Rochford must endure the never-ending round of exciting activities the Bedwins have arranged for their guests and the infuriating proximity of a young woman who provokes him like no one has ever dared before.

Daring is never something Georgie has been in short supply of, but this Christmas, it is just possible she has gone too far.

Somehow, Rochford and Georgie must get through the next few weeks without murdering each other, unless… something more surprising happens.

Their mothers dared all for love.
Just imagine what their daughters will do…

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