Soundtracks to my work


Try listening to the tracks while reading the sections mentioned below the video player.
I hope you get the same buzz as I do. Emma x  

HOZIER - In The Woods Somewhere. This song reminds me of Corin in The Dark Heart, alone in the woods with only a full bottle and the fox, Hux, for company.


BAT FOR LASHES - Rest Your Head. Again for Corin, running from his fate in the Dark Series and hoping Claudette can keep him sane.


STEALTH - Judgement Day. This is Jéhenne's brother, Cain's song. By the end of The Fires of Tartarus, we all know just what it is Cain is facing.


DAUGHTER - Numbers. Claudette's song, lost in the Fae Lands and in the power of a man she believed loved her.


COLD - Witch. In The Fires of Tartarus, relations between Corvus and Jéhenne are strained to put it mildly. This is Corvus' song for much of the book.


THREE DAYS GRACE - Pain. Song for Devil, the wicked Duke of Ravendell, who else.


MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE - I'm Not OK. For those of you who have read the draft versions of The Dark Series, this when Corin and Laen fall out in a big way.


THREE DAYS GRACE - I Hate Everything About You. Again the draft versions of The Dark Series. This is for Bram and Ameena.


EVANESCENCE - Lithium. For Corin in The Dark Heart, if you've read it ... you know the chapter :'(


EVANESCENCE - My Immortal. Jéhenne and Corvus's song, of course.


TAMER - Beautiful Crime. I'm so in love with this song, it's the theme for The Fires of Tartarus, listen to the lyrics and you'll understand why.


FLORENCE + THE MACHINE - Seven Devils. The draft version of book four of the Dark Series, when Corin takes Aos Si. This is the song.


FLORENCE + THE MACHINE - Strangeness and Charm. This song reminds me of both Corin and Jéhenne, and all that magic burning under their skin.


BRING ME THE HORIZON - Can You Feel My Heart. Laen's song.


LANA DEL REY - Million Dollar Man. Lana always seems to be singing about Corin to me ... but this is his song.