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Regency Romance
To Break the Rules

'Girls Who Dare 3'

An irresistible enigma …
Senorita Lucia de Feria is possibly the most beautiful woman in the world, and beyond a doubt the most beautiful that Viscount Cavendish has ever seen.
Yet this mysterious beauty is up to something, something that has Cavendish convinced that her motives are less than pure.
The Viscount needs no further motivation to spend time in lovely Lucia’s company, but desire and intrigue make for unholy temptation.
A dangerous lover …
Lucia is not everything she seems to be. 
Lucia has secrets … secrets one man would kill her for. 
Now, with revenge in her heart and a fortune at stake, she’s close to having it all, or losing her life.
At every turn, Viscount Cavendish is there, with his pirate smile and those wicked dark eyes. 
A daring circle of friends …
When an unusual book club brings The Peculiar Ladies into her life, Lucia is charmed and lured into feeling she belongs for the first time. Between her new friends and a man she is in danger of falling for, her plans are all going awry. 
This beautiful Senorita has spent her entire life longing for vengeance, but she never expected to find something she cared for more along the way.
Lucia cannot afford distractions, friends or a suspicious nobleman. Yet suddenly she has all three.

It might be time to break her own rules.

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