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Regency Romance
To Follow Her Heart

'Girls Who Dare 4'

A lost love …

Kitty Connolly has spent the whole of the last season assuring her uncle she’s been trying to find a husband, but there’s a problem he is unaware of.

She already has one.

Admittedly, she was only eleven when the ceremony took place in the presence of her family’s dog, and her betrothed was only thirteen. Yet, vows were exchanged and as far as Kitty is concerned, a promise is a promise. Luke Baxter promised to love her till death do him part and he’s not getting out of it.

The problems don’t stop there, however, as Luke disappeared from her life just weeks after their secret wedding, and Kitty never saw him again.

Until now.

 Hopes reignited …

When Luke appears out of the blue at the Earl of St Clair’s summer house party and announces his betrothal to lovely heiress, Lady Francis Grantham, Kitty is stunned …

… and honour bound to point out the problem.

 One determined heart …

All hell breaks loose when Kitty threatens to sue for breach of promise and she has a matter of days to convince Luke that his childhood sweetheart is worth more than Miss Grantham’s fortune.

But this Luke is not the carefree boy of her childhood, and reminding him what it means to live for love, might mean risking more than just her heart.

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