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Regency Romance
Truly, Madly Daring

'The Daring Daughters 17'

A nefarious plot…
Leander Steyning, The Marquess of Wrexham, was the ton’s most eligible bachelor. Handsome, charismatic, rich and titled, everything Wrexham wanted came to him with ease.
Until the day he went blind.
Three years on and losing his sight has dashed his confidence and given his avaricious father and half-brother the opportunity they need to take control of his finances and get rid of him. He is living on a battleground, where dangers lurk in his sightless world, and the future looms with fears of madness, and even death.
A tenacious young lady…
Miss Emmeline Knight is a good girl. Her sisters may have made their poor father tear his hair out at the roots with their exploits, but despite having an inability to hold her tongue when she ought to know better, she has never given her parents a moment's concern.
Until now.
A mad plan…
When Wrexham asks her to run away with him, offering her title and fortune for a marriage in name only, Emmeline knows she ought to refuse. Wrexham’s bloodline is tainted, and his blindness is the first symptom of a disease which will end with insanity. Though she knows it's ridiculous to run away with a man she barely knows and whose future is uncertain, Wrexham needs her, and Emmeline is prepared to risk everything, her reputation, her heart, and even her life, for the only man who has ever risen to the challenge of her sharp tongue.
A surprising love story…
Two near strangers, eloping to Gretna Green, is a challenging enough adventure for anyone, but for Wrexham, the outside world is fraught with difficulty. As Emmeline comes to understand her husband to be, she falls harder for a proud man with a fierce determination to live on his own terms, but saving him from his vile family is only part of the challenge she faces.

Winning his heart is another thing entirely.

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