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A rude awakening…
Like most titled young men with no financial concerns and doting parents, Conor Baxter, Lord Harleston, hasn’t a care in the world. Reckless and fun-loving, he enjoys life to the full, until a terrible riding accident changes his life. The horrifying hours spent alone in the dark with a badly broken leg, and the months of recovery that follow, give him time to reassess the way he lives. The realisation that life is fragile and that his death would have had a profound impact on those who love and rely upon him, forces Conor to remake himself.

The new Lord Harleston is a careful man, one who likes quiet and order and avoids the world he inhabited with his old friends.

And then came Lucy.

Enter the wrecking belle…
Miss Lucy Carleton is the daughter of a self-made man but comes a poor second to his business interests. After her mother dies when she is a child, he gives her into the care of his sister and forgets about her, until the moment she becomes useful to him. Mr Carleton has ambitions that need a title, and Lucy is going to get it for him.

An accident looking for a place to happen…
Lucy is a spirited girl, but one whose nerves make her act without thinking. As these actions are generally accompanied by accidents and occasional catastrophes, her entrée into the ton does not go smoothly. Sadly, Conor is not only there to witness her humiliation, but to share in it, too.

Soon, all Conor has in mind is to stay as far away from Lucy as he can get.

When fate, and doting mamas, have other plans…
Caught in a compromising situation together, it seems Conor may be stuck with Lucy for good. Determined to rid himself of his Miss Apocalypse, Conor continues to endure her mishaps and plots his escape.

Yet when the time comes to let her go, it is not so easy to do, but it will take a man of action to keep her in his life.

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