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A man driven to succeed…
Hartley De Beauvoir was born into poverty, enduring his first years in the workhouse, an experience which left indelible marks upon his character. Adopted by Minerva and Inigo De Beauvoir at the age of six, Hart knows he owes them everything. His entire focus revolves around the desire to be worthy of the name they gave him and become a success in his own right. Having already built an empire of his own with De Beauvoir Nurseries and Landscaping, his goal is to become one of the leading landscape designers in the country.
When the Duke of Beresford commissions him to redesign the gardens at Hardacre Hall, Hart knows it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and he wants no disruptions in attaining his goal.

A lovely distraction…
Lady Fidelia Ponsonby is beautiful, untouchable, and wreathed in sorrow. As Hart watches her walk through the gardens daily, his heart breaks for the lovely young woman who seems to find no pleasure in her surroundings, no joy in the world around her.
Despite knowing better than to get involved with a duke’s daughter, Hart finds himself unwillingly drawn into her world, and the recipient of her confidences.

A second chance…
Played false by a man she thought loved her, Fidelia finds herself drawn to Hart, a plain speaking, gruff man who prefers plants to people. When he rescues her from an accident that almost claims her life, he breaks the spell of melancholy that has held Fidelia in its grasp for so long, and gives her the confidence to live again, and hope for more than she believed possible.

Reaching for the moon…
Hart knows there is no future for the workhouse bastard and the duke’s daughter, but he cannot abandon Fidelia when she has no one else to keep her safe from scandal and despair.
In the end, Hart may have to sacrifice everything to save the woman he loves, but some sacrifices are easier than others.

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