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If you prefer your Regency Romance with a little dash of mystery and murder, these are the books for you.

Dashing heroes and wicked villains abound, and of course, a plucky heroine who won't sit about looking ornamental until she's rescued.


But don't be fooled, the romance certainly doesn't take a back seat, though the couples in this series may have to overcome some rather more serious obstacles to reach their Happy Ever After?

Praise for 'Dying For A Duke'

"Emma weaves her magic throughout the book with enough twists and plots to keep you on your toes. I thought to read few chapters a day but ended up reading the entire book within one night! The book is that captivating, interesting and the characters make you laugh, cry and ponder, all at the same time! When the plot thickens, you start becoming a sleuth yourself... your mind races, your heartbeat quickens and you can't wait to read the last pages to unravel the mystery. That is Emma for you!
Full thumbs up, as many stars as we can give and a Must Read!"
 Amazon customer 5 stars

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