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How I use your information

As an author, you - my readers - are important to me. As such, I only collect as little personal information from you as I need and only for clearly defined purposes. These are:

  • To send you my newsletter and keep you up to date with my writing

On my website you can choose to sign up to receive updates from me. The only information I collect and use for this purpose is your email address.You can ask to stop receiving these at any time. Once you do so I will stop using this information and delete it from my mailing list.


  • To respond to your queries / messages to me

I love to hear from people who have found something to like in my work! If you do reach out to talk to me, please know I will only use the information you provide for this purpose and not for anything else. I will only keep this for as long as I need it and not indefinitely.


  • To ensure my website is operating effectively and understand what people are interested in

This websites uses Google Analytics and cookies placed by Wix (the website hostsite) to help me understand what you and other users are interested in on my website. By knowing how visitors interact with my website and what pages they view, this helps me make sure my site is working properly but also what in particular is of interest and popular with my readers!

The information I receive from the cookies is not of a personal nature – I can’t identify from their reports what webpage you viewed at 9pm on Wednesday 30 May 2018 (nor do I want to!). However, if you are not happy with them being placed on your computer and the information they generate being used, you can turn them off.If you are not sure on how to do this, or what to learn more about cookies, see


This website and the information collected through it is hosted by Wix. Wix are an international company with data servers all round the world. As such, the information they host for me (including your personal information)is likely to be transferred and held outside the European Union. Wix are a member of and comply with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, which ensures your information is kept legislatively secure. More information on where your information is stored is given in Section 5 of their Privacy Policy.

How Wix uses your information

This website is hosted by Wix. Wix also use information from cookies placed on this website to help them maintain and improve their website provision, as well as stability, security, functionality, performance and advertising purposes. For more information about how Wix use the outputs of cookies, please review Section 9 of their Privacy Policy.

Wix will not access or use any of the other information about you they are holding for me for any purpose.

Your Rights

I promise you that I will:

  • Respect your personal information and not use it for a purpose I have not previously explained to you about

  • Respond to any requests you have about what personal information of yours I hold and how I am using it

  • Respect your requests for how your information is used

  • Not keep it for longer than I need to, nor share it with people I do not need to share it with

Contact me on emmavleech@orange.frif you have any queries or requests on how your personal information is used.

I hope it never comes to this but if you are not happy with my response in relation to your personal information, you have the right to complain to the French data protection authority, CNIL.

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