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My Life

It was in the winter of 2010, with the mists rolling over the fields and the night creeping through the woods surrounding my home in south West France that my thoughts returned to writing, and more specifically - vampires. 

I've wanted to write since I was very young and made several attempts in my teens but could never finish anything. Here in the Dordogne, a – coughs - few years later, it came very naturally. From that day to this I have written ten novels and as many short stories. 2017 marks the year I am finally able to live my dream and write full time and I don't intend to waste a minute of it!

I've lived in rural France since 1998, a big shock for a girl who'd lived all her life on the outskirts of London. I’ve survived French plumbing, marauding cows, falling through rotten floorboards and three home births (while my midwife sat downstairs chatting to my other half and drinking red wine). I now have three lovely daughters, four cats, a wild imagination and very patient husband. I can't live without music, chocolate or English teabags. 


Life in France is challenging,

beautiful and endlessly inspiring for

a writer. Much of my work is set

right here in the Dordogne, and

through my writing I hope I can

bring you to love the country I’ve

made my home as much as I do. 

From Vampires to the Fae, and now

heading into the past and Regency

England, my work offers something

for every reader who loves romance,

adventure and a happy ending ... eventually.  

My Work.


To date I've won the world’s largest online writing competition ‘The Wattys’ two years running, first with what will be the fourth book of the Dark Series, The Darkest Night, and then with my short story, A Dark Imperfection, A Les Fées Novella. I'm one of the "Wattpad Stars" and currently have around sixty two thousand followers. My online work has had over 18.5 million reads.


My third published novel, The Dark Prince has been touted as one of The Top 50 Self Published Books Worth Reading in 2015 and is #2 on the list of the Top 50 Indie Books in 2015 as well as being hailed as "An enchanting fantasy with a likable heroine, romantic intrigue, and clever narrative flourishes." by Kirkus Reviews. Kirkus said of The Dark Heart that, "Leech - introduces a dynamic new heroine."

My novels have garnered attention worldwide and happily, many gorgeous fans who push me to always improve and keep writing.

Thanks, Emma x

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