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Printable Reading List

This is a my suggested order of reading for all my stories following a request from a reader.

Thankyou all so much for your support and I hope you find lots to love. Emma x

Rogues and Gentlemen Books 1- 18 (continuing)

Regency Romance

Girls Who Dare Books 1 - 12

Regency Romance

The Regency Romance Mysteries Books 1 - 3

Regency Romance with a touch of Who Dunnit

Fantasy and Paranormal Romance

The Key To Erebus

The Heart of Arima

The Dark Prince

The Dark Heart

The Fires of Tartarus

The Dark Deceit

The Darkest Night

The Son of Darkness

A Dark Collection

Currently all my work is available to read on Kindle Unlimited, EBooks and Paperbacks. Many have been released as Audiobooks with the rest to follow.

Emma V Leech 2020

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