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This is a my suggested order of reading for all my stories following a request from a reader.

Thankyou all so much for your support and I hope you find lots to love. Emma x

Rogues and Gentlemen Books 1- 18 (continuing)

Regency Romance

Girls Who Dare  Books 1-12

Regency Romance

The Daring Daughters Books 1-19 & 2 Compilations

Victorian Romance

Suggested, Books 1-12 then optional Evie and Louis compilation followed by books 13-18. Then optional Cat and Kilbane compilation followed by book 19 and continuing...

Wicked Sons Books 1-3 continuing....

Victorian Romance

The French Vampire Legend Books 1-4

Paranormal Romance

The French Fae Legend (The Dark Series) Books 1-4 & A Dark Collection

Fantasy Romance

Books 1-4 & Dark Collection of short stories

Currently my work is available to read on Kindle Unlimited, EBooks and Paperbacks. Many have been released as Audiobooks with the rest to follow.

Emma V Leech 2023

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