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  The French Fae Legend

 With close to sixteen million online reads to date the award winning Dark Series is one of my most successful works.


Now totally rewritten, the first two books of the series are available to buy along with a collection of short story prequels. Books three and four, The Dark Deceit and The Darkest Night will become available soon, with at least two more books planned to follow them.

The books follow the fortunes of the Elven Prince, Corin Albrecht, his best friend Prince Laen, and those close to them who are fighting to save the Fae lands from destruction. A sickness born of the human realm looms over the fae like a dark cloud as the tainted mortal world begins to poison both them and their land. Love, betrayal and war will all have to be faced but which of them will prevail?


An epic saga set between modern day France and the Fae Lands - an historic version of our own world, where only love is more powerful than magic.

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