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The Dark Heart

'The Dark Series 2'

The Prince Corin ... Decadent, seductive, master of the love affair.

Corin is crown prince of Alfheim, the Elven lands. Considered the handsomest man in the land, he is well used to the females in his life indulging his every desire. But after losing the first woman who ever touched his heart to his best friend, he swears he'll never let anyone get that close again. 

Under pressure from his royal family to marry and produce an heir, he decides the only solution is to take a woman from the human realm, someone who poses no threat ... Someone he could never love. 

Running from a fate that promises power and pain in equal measure, all he needs is for her to accept three gifts and she will be totally under his control. But sometimes hearts are not so easily managed.

"Leech's sequel introduces a dynamic new heroine" - Kirkus reviews.
"An intriguing, if tormented, hero" 
Kirkus reviews
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