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The Dark Deceit

A dangerous secret lies at the heart of the Fae Lands. A secret that could save three kingdoms - or burn them all to the ground.

The secret is Prince Corin's to bear alone, if his sanity can stand it.

But while Corin suffers, his mother's machinations continue and queen Audrianne makes plans of her own to secure their realm's future. Sickness looms over the Fae like a dark cloud as the tainted mortal world poisons both them and their land, and the queen wants it stopped.

Rumours reach her that a Light Fae man, long since dead and regarded as a saint for his incredible healing powers, fathered a child in the mortal realm. If the man's gift has been passed on - to his great, great granddaughter, Anaïs - the queen wants her, and the Duke of Dannon is just the man to bring her to their world.

Secrets, lies and scandal are the coin of the Fae court and no man's reputation is more scandalous than the Duke of Dannon. Boredom has drawn him to turn his elegant hand to the dirty work of being the queen's chief spy, and secret lover. Feared and admired, his dark reputation does little to keep the women from trying to snare him, a fate that he refuses to contemplate - until Anaïs makes him remember what his honour once stood for. 

Still fighting to keep the power of the land from driving him to madness, Corin needs to take Alfheim from the queen’s grasp. But he is drawn ever deeper into a power struggle with the Light Fae’s King over Anaïs and her talents. Now, as the creatures of Dark Wood begin to stir, an old god awakens and Corin cannot run forever.

Corin, Laen and Dannon will soon be drawn towards a bloody battle for power ...

Will it be Anaïs who tips them over the edge?

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