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The Darkest Night

The War has begun. 

Prince Corin and Prince Laen, united against the Light Fae, are battling their way to the capital, Aos Sï, where Corin will claim the Kingdom for his own. 

The Fae Lands plead for a new leader, someone to save it and its people, from tyranny at the hands of King
Auberren. But has Corin waited too long ... has he time enough to do what he must? As the land screams for him in his mind, pushing his sanity to the limits of what he can bear, everything he has spent his life running from must finally be confronted.

Laen is his ever-present defender, brother, best friend and the man he will have no choice but to betray if he finally succeeds. Corin must win this war at all costs, but he fears what will be lost in the process.

Those left behind must wait and pray. Claudette is torn as she fears for the lives of those she loves, terrified that she may lose Corin, and waiting desperately for news from her personal spy, Bram. 

A disgraced nobleman turned highwayman, Bram has been sent to the human world to protect her brother from
Auberren’s assassins and she prays he won’t fail her. 

The war has begun … and no one will escape unscathed.

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