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Dark Tales

'The Dark Series'

Three short stories from the Les Fées that prequel the Dark Series. 
A Dark Design, A Dark Desire, A Dark Tale and including bonus material, Interview With a Dark Prince. 
A Dark Design
An oath of honour is not to be taken lightly. 
An oath never to lay hands on your best friend’s sister should certainly be upheld, no matter how much you want to break it. 
But what if the sister is a beautiful, single minded young woman who is not afraid to use blackmail to get what she wants? 
The Prince Laen’s sister, Aleish is such a woman and Prince Corin ... The man who is caught between his own honour and her desire. 
A Dark Desire
She saw him once. 
Just a glimpse of those golden eyes... and now she will do anything, risk anything, 
to see him again. 
A Dark Tale
Beautiful, beguiling and deadly, the Nixe and their river King the Kelpie are best left alone as the Prince Corin knows to his cost. But when his best friend Laen falls prey to their watery embrace he has no choice but to follow. 
Come and swim ... the water is fine. 
Bonus Material. Interview With a Dark Prince. 
So everyone assumed that Laen was The Dark Prince of the title, after all...why wouldn't you? Here you can read a rare interview with Prince Corin Albrecht of Alfheim shortly before he met Claudette and everything changed. 
Here he speaks frankly about who is really The Dark Prince, about love, life and a lot of interesting questions posed by you, the Dark Addicts. However our intrepid reporter Evie Leigh appears to have bitten off more than she can chew ...

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