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Regency Romance
Dare To Be Wicked

'The Daring Daughters 1'

Two daring daughters…

Lady Elizabeth and Lady Charlotte are the daughters of the Duke and Duchess of Bedwin. Raised by an unconventional mother and an indulgent if overprotective father, they both strain against the rigid morality of the era. The fashionable image of a meek, weak young lady, prone to swooning at the least provocation, is one that makes them seethe with frustration.

Their handsome childhood friend…
Cassius Cadogan, Viscount Oakley, is the only child of the Earl and Countess of St Clair. Beloved and indulged, he is popular, gloriously handsome and a talented artist. Returning from two years of study in France, his friendship with both sisters becomes strained as jealousy raises its head. A situation not helped by the two mysterious Frenchmen who have accompanied him home.

And a simmering sibling rivalry…
Passion, art, and secrets prove to be a combustible combination, and someone will undoubtedly get burned.

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