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A Paranormal Romance Novella.

In an age when witches are burnt …
With his enemies closing in, Blaise, a powerful wizard uses dark magic to hide within the pages of a notebook.
He compels all who touch the book to write their darkest and most powerful emotions. Growing stronger with each entry Blaise is just pages away from a new life. The last entry will take the life of the writer and set Blaise free. But the book is lost and left to gather dust as Blaise's strength fades away.
Centuries have passed when lovely young bookbinder, Sidonie, finds the book in a bric-a-brac shop.
Drawn by something she doesn't understand Sidonie uses her skills - and her knives - to rebind the book, torturing the man trapped inside the pages.
Pouring love and devotion into repairing the book, with each step she feels increasingly attached to and disturbed by it, as though it is watching her every move.
When a handsome man appears in her house with his skin covered in writing, the attraction is instant, but Sidonie does not understand the danger she is in.
Compelled to write in the book herself, Sidonie must choose her words with care.

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