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Regency Romance
the Dare Before Christmas

'The Daring Daughters 15

A case of unrequited love…
Lady Victoria Adolphus is the beautiful daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Bedwin. Wherever she goes, men follow, eager to win the hand–and the dowry–of such a powerful man’s daughter. Torie is not interested in the gloriously handsome, the titled, the wealthy and powerful. There is only one man she wants, a kind, funny and good-natured fellow who everybody loves, but he refuses to contemplate her.

Once bitten, twice shy…
Barnaby Godwin is everybody’s friend, decent to his marrow, he would never turn his back on a friend in need, has a kind word for everyone, and is thoroughly sick of being nice. Being nice failed to win him the hand of Lady Millicent, who married an earl thirty years her senior, choosing title and fortune over good old Barnaby. Now, he has a duke’s daughter making sheep’s eyes at him, but Barnaby won’t be made a fool of again.

A cosy Christmas house party
When their good friends, Evie and Louis, throw their first Christmas house party at Heart’s Folly, Barnaby and Torie are thrown together in close quarters, much to Barnaby’s discomfort. Hurt by his refusal to spend any time in her company, Torie goes off seeking adventure, for the old house is full of secrets, and if she can’t have the man she loves, a Gothic style adventure will have to suffice.

Just a dash of seasonal spice…
Torie did not mean to get Barnaby caught up in the trouble she finds herself in, but that’s what comes of being too decent to let her get into mischief alone. Now he’s here, though, Torie will not let him go. Well, what’s a daring girl to do, but take a chance on the magic of Christmas?

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