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Paranormal Romance
The Fires of Tartarus

'Les Corbeaux:The French Vampire Legend 3'

Their love spans millennia and defies the gods.
In a last desperate act, Jéhenne Corbeaux's lover, Corvus, Master of the vast and powerful Albinus family, sacrificed himself to an eternity of suffering to save her from a vengeful god. But Jéhenne is no damsel in distress waiting for a hero to rescue her and she cannot face the future while Corvus suffers. 
Sworn to make Dis Pater, god of the Underworld, pay for all he has done to them and bring her man home, she ignores the desperate warnings that Corvus will be irrevocably changed, driven to madness by all he has suffered. To save him she will have to journey through the underworld and into the infernal depths of Tartarus to face the monsters that dwell within.
But in her absence a new threat surfaces from an unexpected source and she will need all of her powers and cunning to keep the family together. She must prove that she is far more than she appears whilst concealing the dangerous truth of her own identity. 
Everyone has their own agenda and with terrifying enemies and even scarier allies appearing on all sides, she must decide who to trust, risking everything to fight for the man she loves and the family he left in her care. Time is running out and Jéhenne knows that if she fails, she and everyone she loves is damned.

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