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Paranormal Romance
The Son Of Darkness

'Les Corbeaux:The French Vampire Legend 4'

The thrilling conclusion…

Jéhenne Corbeaux has faced extraordinary enemies and more dangers than anyone has the right to survive, but now she must confront her past in order to find her son.
Corvus, Master of the vast and powerful Albinus family is back where he belongs with his beloved wife at his side. The shadow of his time in Tartarus still clings to him though, and his control is not what it once was.
Jéhenne, witch, goddess, and Mistress of their great family is not a woman to mess with, but there’s one man who she’ll obey without question—because she has no choice—and it isn’t her husband.
Corin Albrecht, the most powerful Fae their world has ever seen, has a hold on Jéhenne that Corvus knows nothing about. If the truth comes out, the results could be spectacular and deadly.
Guided by the half-fae mercenary, Dragon, on a journey into the war-torn Fae Lands, Jéhenne faces dangers the like of which she has never before seen—and the most dangerous of all, the truth of what passed between her and Corin, and the lies she told to keep herself safe.
On her quest to find her son, hidden from her by the boy’s father, Dis Pater, Jéhenne is accompanied by those she trusts and loves most. Corvus, her brother Cain, best friend Rodney, and also Kai, searching for the family he’s never known.
There is much to be discovered on this perilous journey, and a great deal to lose.
Jéhenne wants to return home with the family she has always longed for but as always… there is a price to pay.

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