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Regency Romance
to Dare the Darkness

'The Daring Daughters 13'

A young woman who is bolder than she knows…
Miss Evie Knight, the daughter of Mr. Gabriel Knight and Lady Helena Knight has been the unlikely friend and confidante of the Comte de Villen for years. But despite her own shortcomings and the unlikeliness of a man like Louis César falling for plump little Evie, she must concede Louis appears to be madly in love with her. A difficult situation when her father has forbidden her to see him ever again.

A beautifully dangerous man…
Louis César de Montluc, Comte de Villen is said to be the handsomest man on three continents. Having lived a horrible life as a child in France, he learned how to use his charm and his beauty to get whatever he wanted. His looks have never moved Evie, his dearest friend, and she has never been susceptible to his charms. Somehow the woman who has been his confident all these years has caught Louis hook, line and sinker without even realising she was doing it.

An untenable situation…
When his dangerous past catches up and forces Louis into action, he must prove his love is for Evie and Evie alone. That means telling her every sordid detail of his past and opening his heart and soul as he never could do before, and Evie will settle for nothing less.

But with an old enemy set on destroying Louis and anyone he cares about, Evie is going to have to face a situation far darker than she could ever have imagined.

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