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Regency Romance
Charity and the Devil

'Rogues and Gentlemen 11'

Charity Kendell needs a miracle. She’s already hanging on to her family and their farm by her fingertips when her despised landlord, Viscount Devlin, sells her home from under her. 
Though she’s never met him, Charity knows Lord Devlin to be a gambler, a rogue, and a wastrel. Unprepared to allow such a man to throw her family from the only home they’ve ever known, she prepares to fight back. 
Baxter Linton, Viscount Devlin is in trouble. He owes a gambling debt to a dangerous man who doesn’t appreciate waiting for his payment. To raise the money, Dev tries to sell off land, but an unfortunate riding accident leaves him injured before the deal can complete, and with no memory of who or where he is. 
When Dev’s amnesia disappears, he discovers himself at the tender mercy of Miss Kendell, the bossy virago whose furious letters still litter his desk. In the circumstances, Dev keeps his mouth shut. 
But when the handsome Viscount falls under spirited Charity’s spell, revealing the man he truly is becomes a daunting prospect. 

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