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A Dark Tale.

A Kelpie is a supernatural waterhorse from Celtic Mythology and something I have long been fascinated with. The original stories tell of horses that lure children to their deaths, they induce them to come for a ride and the children become stuck to their backs. Well that part of it I don't like but the idea of a beautiful creature, a powerful horse... now that's interesting. So the Kelpie is the King of the rivers in the fae lands, a dark and dangerous creature with the strangely innocent nixe as companions. The nixe are much like the Sirens of legend, beautiful, deadly but at heart they are neither good nor evil. They do not toy with their prey with the callous cruelty of a cat with a mouse, rather there is a wistful sadness about them; a lonely longing for someone to come and be with them. Sadly however there are few who can live under the water. For more about these lovely if dangerous creatures, be sure to read A Dark Tale.

Come and swim, the water's fine...

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