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The Dark Prince is in Book Country's top 5 choices for Romance Awareness Month!

Book Country chose The Dark Prince as one of their top five reads For Romanc Awareness month! Very cool! So lovely to find more people drawn into the Fae Lands with me.

This is what they said ...

Here’s a captivating story steeped in the legends of the fae. When Laen, Prince of the Dark fae, is sent back through the forbidden gates between realms to retrieve an ancient fae artifact, he returns home with far more than he bargained for. Océane DeBeauvoir is an artist and bookbinder who has always relied on her lively imagination. The discovery of a jewelled dagger put on display at a nearby museum has inspired her to write the tale of The Dark Prince. But it soon becomes apparent that her story cannot be confined to the pages of a book… In this scene, Prince Laen appraises the woman he’s just abducted:

“He looked at the girl with distaste. Her clothes were cheaply made and shapeless, her hands ingrained with ink; the nails bitten to the quick. Next to his sister, comparably a bird of paradise, the girl looked like one of the tatty pigeons he had seen in the human city. He snorted at the thought, which drew her attention, her eyes flicking open and staring at him with undisguised horror. He thought briefly that he had done her a disservice, as her eyes were actually rather beautiful once open, very large, heavily lashed and a deep chocolate brown…rather like a cow. Before he had time to congratulate himself on the comparison, the girl had lashed out and kicked him in the knee with the heavy-soled leather boots she was wearing.”

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