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Teaser - The Dark Heart.

"She could feel his presence behind her, the weight of his gaze on her even though she refused to turn and look at him. The sky was growing darker once more the further they walked and she knew it would only take a word, a gesture from her and he would kiss her again. He would hold her and murmur sweet words that would make her breathless with desire. She need only give him a look and he would take away the ache beneath her skin, the desire that weighted her down like a physical pain, the clawing emptiness that only he could fill. She felt hollow inside, as dry and brittle as an August meadow and every time he moved closer and his fingers brushed hers she was moving closer to the intense heat he brought. He was the tinder box. He need only set one spark and up she would go in a heady blaze, consumed, eaten alive by the voracious fire that would leave her with nothing but ashes for comfort. She felt his hand at her back and started, hardly able to draw a breath and glanced up at him to find a look in his eyes so heavy with wanting that she had to dig her nails into her palms to stop herself reaching for him. She moved away again, taking this path and that, quite unaware of what direction she followed."

The Dark Heart. Coming January 2016

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