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New Historical Romance!

Those of you who loved my HR series, Rogues and Gentlemen are in for a treat as Book 5 will be with you soon! The working title is Nearly Ruining Mr Russell and is the story of Aubrey Russell who you met in The Earl's Temptation. If you remember Aubrey was the naughty Celeste's very best friend and confident despite the glowering Earl of Falmouth's jealousy. Well his time has come. Cover reveal coming very soon but for now you may read the blurb to get a taste of what's next in this gentlemen's tale ...

Nearly Ruining Mr Russell

Aubrey Russell is perfectly certain that Miss Violette Grey is a damsel in distress.

The devil of it is, she just won't accept it.

Alone and far from home in the big city, Violette is on a mission to find her missing brother - a war hero who never made it home - and she doesn't want a chaperone. Determined that the girl should not ruin herself in pursuit of the truth, Aubrey dogs her every step ... and finds himself in a spot of bother.

Violette may be an innocent but she has an uncanny knack for finding trouble. One way or another Aubrey is determined to save her from ruin.

The only question is, will he be able to save himself?

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