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The Corinthian Duke, Pre-order available now!

Oscar Paget, Duke of Rothborn, is a Corinthian to his marrow. Sport is in his blood, no matter the variety. Winning is all he cares about. The handsome young duke has no desire for a wife to impede his exiting lifestyle and though engaged to the beautiful Lady Pearl Aldous since infancy, he keeps putting off the big day. Little does he know Pearl’s tomboyish younger sister, Ella, has been in love with him her whole life. When Ella does something reckless to save Oscar from losing a bet to a man he despises, they are caught in a compromising situation. The only way to save her reputation is to marry her instead of Pearl. To Oscar, Ella can never be more than a friend. He considers her as a little sister, not a wife, and he knows there can be nothing more than a marriage of convenience between them. Ella knows nothing of the sort. All she must do now … is prove it.

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