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Great Reviews for Girls Who Dare!

This is the new don't miss series! - Amazon Customer. I'm so excited about the release of my new series. Early reviews have been great and the readership seems to adore the new characters as much as those they've met through the Rogues and Gentlemen series.

A great first book in a new series, so much I can’t wait for the next one - Amazon Customer.

In fact, if you love Rogues and Gentlemen, you'll love this. The same elements are all there, just seen from the perspective of a rather unusual group of female friends. It follows both their friendships and their love affairs as they face the season, broken hearts, and of course, their scandalous dares together.

It's a low-risk gamble to read a new series by Ms. Leech - Amazon Customer

Isn't book 4 gorgeous! Look out for the pre-order which will go up on the 10th of May. Pre-orders for Book 3 are flying now too so I'm very excited to share that one with you.

5 STARS for the anticipated Book 2, of this new delicious delightful series. If you love Regency Era books then this one should be on your definitely to read list. This is the new don't miss series!

Book 2 is OUT NOW!

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