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Regency Romance
The Earl's Temptation

'Rogues and Gentlemen 2'

Alexander Sinclair, Fourth Earl of Falmouth, has a reputation for revelling in vice. Wine, women and gambling are only one side of this dangerous man, for the Earl has a second life, leading a criminal gang, smuggling contraband between France and Cornwall.


Seeking ever more risk Alexander often leads his men on their night-time missions. One unlucky night the revenue men appear, and the smugglers sail into a violent storm in an effort to escape, but the ship and all aboard go down.

Barely alive Alexander washes ashore on the coast of France.


Enter innocent beauty, Celestine Lavelle, the daughter of a noble French family forced to flee their estate during the revolution. Having lost everything, she must work in the kitchens of a coastal brothel. Desperate and alone, her future is besieged by sin.


When she discovers a half-drowned English smuggler on the shore, he leads her heart in directions she never dreamed of.


Alexander determines to save his beguiling rescuer. He plans her future should be full of everything that is good and honourable … but will the temptation to take her as his own be too hard to resist?


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