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Regency Romance
The Rogue

'Rogues and Gentlemen 1'

The notorious Rogue that began it all.
Set in Cornwall, 1815. Wild, untamed and isolated.
Lawlessness is the order of the day and smuggling is rife.

Henrietta always felt most at home in the wilds of the outdoors but even she had no idea how the mysterious and untamed would sweep her away in a moment. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This book has lots of twists and turns in the plot, and many giggle-making moments - I thoroughly enjoyed it.” ~ Amazon customer review

Bewitched by his wicked blue eyes Henrietta Morton knows to look the other way when the free trading 'gentlemen' are at work.
Yet when a notorious pirate bursts into her local village shop, she can avert her eyes no more. Bewitched by his wicked blue eyes, a moment of insanity follows as Henrietta hides the handsome fugitive from the Militia.

Her reward is a kiss, lingering and unforgettable. 
In his haste to flee, the handsome pirate drops a letter, a letter that lays bare a tale of betrayal. When Henrietta’s father gives her hand in marriage to a wealthy and villainous nobleman in return for the payment of his debts, she becomes desperate.

Blackmailing a pirate may be her only hope for freedom.

The first book of the acclaimed Rogues & Gentlemen series from Emma V Leech, the multi-award-winning Amazon Top 10 romance writer. Author of fan favourites such as Flaming June and Last Man in London, both listed in the 20 'Romance Reads You Can't Miss' in the Amazon Kindle Storyteller Awards 2018.

Free to download with Kindle Unlimited or download the E-book for £3.03 / $3.88 on Amazon. Also available in paperback. 

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