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Regency Romance
To Dance with a Devil

'Girls Who Dare 6'

A young woman desperate to escape her fate.

Bonnie Campbell’s time is almost up. In the light of no better offers, her guardian, the Earl of Morven, is forcing her to marry her cousin, Gordon Anderson. Vivacious Bonnie will have no option but to comply, condemning her to spend the rest of her life in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, far from her friends and any possible chance of fun. During her final weeks of freedom however, she will live as though these were her last days on earth and find the courage to show the man she truly loves, just how she feels.

A young man determined to prove his older brother wrong.

Jerome Cadogan, younger brother to the Earl of St Clair, is a good-natured scoundrel. His blond, blue-eyed looks are not the least marred by his broken nose, his reputation for trouble, nor his predilection of falling in love with unsuitable women. Reeling from a stinging lecture delivered by his brother the earl, Jerome faces having his allowance cut off if he can’t mend his ways. Determined to prove that he can be every bit as mature and sensible as St Clair, Jerome swears off drinking, carousing and getting into trouble.

A scandal looking for a place to happen.

Sadly, his dearest friend Bonnie has other ideas. Lurching from one disaster to the next in her wake, Jerome is tearing his hair out and knows he must end their friendship before his brother ends him.
Yet when a hulking Highlander turns up to claim Bonnie for his own, Jerome ought to breathe a sigh of relief, but it appears his heart has done something unforgivable and fallen in love with the most unsuitable woman of all.

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