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Regency Romance
To Experiment with Desire

'Girls Who Dare 8'


An attraction she cannot ignore…
Minerva Butler is tired of her mother’s ambition to see her wed a duke like her clever cousin Prue. Beautiful, blonde, and with a healthy dowry thanks to her cousin’s generosity, it appears Minerva can finally take her pick of the ton’s eligible gentlemen. So naturally, this is the moment she becomes infatuated with the brilliant and impoverished scientist, Inigo de Beauvoir.

A woman who threatens his peace of mind…
Inigo de Beauvoir is a driven man, consumed by his work to the detriment of all else, even his health, until a beautiful society Miss begins a seductive war against his belief that love is nothing more than lust with a ring on its finger.

A dangerous liaison…
On the surface, Miss Butler is the one with everything to lose, yet Inigo soon comes to realise that experimenting with desire will pose a very real threat to his heart.

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