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Regency Romance
Hunt the Hunter

'Girls Who Dare 11'


A doomed love affair…
Matilda Hunt knows what the Marquess of Montagu wants. He has made no secret of the fact that he desires her and wants her for his mistress. Despite the growing strength of the attraction between them, Matilda has fought to keep him at a distance, fought to deny what is becoming increasingly inevitable. As her last hope for a respectable future is taken from her, a future of security, love and family, it seems the man who ruined her offers Matilda the only chance to find some measure of happiness, no matter how fleeting.
A dangerous man …
Yet as her determination to keep her honour intact wavers, she is drawn deeper into Montagu’s world and discovers a man with secrets, a man who is not all she had supposed him to be. That world is tangled with lies and deception and is more dangerous than she could have believed, and not only to her heart.
A dare she cannot refuse …
To have all that she wants, Matilda must dare to risk it all for love and hunt out the truth of the man she cannot bring herself to walk away from.
As more and more people warn her the marquess is ruthless and cruel, Matilda wonders if she truly is a fool not to believe it. Angel, devil…
or a little bit of both.

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