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Regency Romance
To Winter at Wildsyde

'Girls Who Dare 7'


Girls who dare – Inside every wallflower is the beating heart of a lioness, a passionate individual willing to risk all for their dream, if only they can find the courage to begin. When these overlooked girls make a pact to change their lives, anything can happen.
Ten girls – Ten dares in a hat. Who will dare to risk it all?

To Winter at Wildsyde.

A dare to change a lifetime …

Miss Ruth Stone, a wealthy heiress, is struggling to fulfil her father’s dream to marry into nobility, despite her hefty dowry. Dared by the Peculiar Ladies to “Say something outrageous to a handsome man,” Ruth outdoes herself and proposes marriage to the heir to an earldom.

A decision she may live to regret…

Before she can think better of having opened her big mouth, her gorgeous, hulking husband-to-be has hustled her into a carriage and borne her off to his remote, tumbledown castle where he intends to put her dowry to good use.

A marriage or a business affair…

Ruth has no illusions. She’s a strong, sensible woman, not a fragile beauty and she knows her husband will never fall madly in love. Their marriage is one of convenience, her children will inherit title and legitimacy among the ton and she will have the home of her own she’s dreamed of. Yet her pig-headed, obstinate husband rouses her temper and her passions like no one before.

Her first winter at Wildsyde is about to set the old castle alight.


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